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Backpack Olympics Team Building in Orlando and Florida

Backpack Olympics


                                              OVERVIEW:  Participants will feel like true Olympians as they take on

                                                        different ‘events’ in an Olympic arena type setting. At every stop that

                                                        each team makes, an assignment must be completed that involves

                                                        either mental or game skills. These activities are fun and creative and

                                                        will challenge their minds as well as generate plenty of laughs. Teams

                                                        will receive a backpack at the end of the event to fill with a large

                                                        amount of school supplies and goods.  


OBJECTIVE:  Teams will have a number of activities to choose from throughout the exciting Olympics games and can proceed at their own pace. At the end of the Backpack Olympics, teams will be able to obtain goods and supplies once they complete all the events in order to fill their backpacks. Optional: Incorporate scoring for an overall winner.

The true winners are the kids as all backpacks will be equally stuffed with countless school supplies and can be donated to a children’s association or school of choice. This is a wonderful activity to build camaraderie, reward employees with a fantastic experience while giving back to the local community. A win-win for all!

Length: Approximately 2 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Outdoor space or ballroom 


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