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                                                            Overview: Have you ever said, “I have a great idea for an

                                                                         invention?” Well, here is your chance! Based on the hit show

                                                                         Shark Tank, teams have the opportunity to conceptualize,

                                                                         design, and build a functional new invention that performs a

                                                                         valuable business function or just a fun wacky idea that may

                                                                         make millions! 

Objective: For product creation, each team will receive a complete building kit with select materials such as plastics, plumbing, PVC, hobby, wire, rope, glue, duct tape as well as a shared Resource Store where teams can access additional supplies via a trivia challenge. Participants will design and build their inventions followed by marketing teams that will present these innovations at an “Innovation Fair” (think tradeshow) where peers will vote on the best projects!

The conclusion will have the top teams presenting their inventions to the entire group where an overall ‘best product’ will be selected!   Creativity, teamwork and group problem solving are key takeaways to this exciting activity.

Length: 2 hours – 2.5 hours

Location: Indoor Ballroom or Outdoor Area


Invention Factory Team Building in Orlando and Florida

Invention Factory