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                                              OVERVIEW:  The iHunt Challenge is a fun, dynamic and interactive

                                                        event that is a cutting-edge mobile phone based photo hunt! You’ll be

                                                        competing to accomplish creative and unique tasks throughout this

                                                        challenge with your own team’s Smartphone! Each team will simply

                                                        download a free customized app, enter a username and password, read a

                                                        few instructions and they’re off on their mission to score as many

                                                        points as possible. (and maybe win a few cool prizes!)

Playing the iHunt:

Your hunt will feature a list of items and tasks for each team to find and complete with a leaderboard that tracks each team’s current score. We’ll set up creative photo tasks throughout the resort or park that are integrated with your meeting theme that participants must complete to score points.  When you complete a task and have the photo ‘evidence’, that task will be removed from your list of items to complete and the associated points for that item will be added to the leaderboard for your username.

Cool things included in your iHunt:

  • You’ll play on a user friendly customized app (for your own US based Android or iPhone) 
  • During the hunt, teams will search beautiful spots throughout the Resort or Park area
  • Teams will be able to see ‘real-time’ scores
  • It’s interactive so you can compete with your colleagues and build new relationships
  • You will also have a few trivia questions integrated in the iHunt
  • We’ll manage your iHunt via computer and give you a flash drive of all your team’s photos for a slide show
  • We can include your company logo into the interface

Length: Approximately 2-2.5 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Resort or theme park area 


The iHunt Challenge

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